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YuktaOne Platform Benefits for Prebid.js .

Use YuktaOne to get all your prebid.js analytics in real-time!

Use YuktaOne's prebid.js analytics adapter to get all the insights you need in real-time for making data driven decision to boost your revenue from Header Bidding



Track drop and spike in inventory supply for making profitable inventory packages



Identify high value pockets of inventories and leverage historical data to set inventory price benchmark



Identify high value buyers driven by spend and create direct deals with them



Track daily revenue and profitability across sites, ad units and buyers

Getting Started .

  • Step 1. Go to http://prebid.org/download.html and download the latest version of YuktaOne prebid.js adapter. Make sure to check YuktaMedia Analytics Adapter in Analytics Adapters section of the download page.

  • Step 2. Add the following code inside script tag of header section of your website

    										pbjs.que.push(function() {
    												provider: 'yuktamedia',
    												options: {
    													pubId: xxx, // will be provided by yuktamedia contact us
    													pubKey: xxx //
  • Step 3. Thats it! Now, log into YuktaOne Prebid Analytics dashboard and start tracking your header bidding data instantly.

    Start your free trial for 2 weeks with YuktaOne Prebid Analytics now!

    Get started with your free trial: info@yuktamedia.com

Core Features .

Secure Data .

Data is encrypted for security purposes along with authentication password encryption with role based authentication.

Recommendations .

System generated recommendations when business KPIs are met. For example spike / drop in performance or revenue or discrepancy, etc.

API Integrations .

Over 50 out-of-the-box reporting API integrations for real-time cross-channel data access. DFP, DFA, Rubicon, MediaMath and more…

Data Collection .

Collect all your data from different partners in single location to create a single source of truth and get unified / holistic view in real-time.

Data Cleansing .

Collected data is thoroughly validated to ensure that it’s complete and coherent with alerts being sent out when errors are found in data validation.

Algorithms .

Out-of-the-box and custom algorithms can be used for inventory supply, availability, price and buying pattern prediction by using cross-channel data.

User Access Management .

Access to data is restricted based on roles and permissions to ensure that there’s no unauthorized access to business sensitive data.

24x7 Monitoring .

YuktaOne is monitored round the clock to ensure that it’s available and accessible to its users.

Data Mapping .

YuktaOne has created and maintains a cross-systems data mapping dictionary which is consistently updated as systems evolve.

Data Storage .

Ample storage is provided for customers so that they can store data for up to 3-5 years for audit and compliance purposes.

Alerts & Notifications .

Users get alerts & notifications for various actions such as when a new user is created or payment is processed, etc.

Dashboards & Insights .

Out-of-the-box dashboards are available (in tabular & graphical formats) for campaign tracking discrepancy, pacing, performance, supply trends, etc.

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