YuktaOne Data Marketplace

YuktaOne Data Marketplace

by Aditya Bhelande · April 16, 2019 · in Data Marketplace News

YuktaMedia, provider of YuktaOne Media ERP for Publishers, Brands and Agencies, introduces YuktaOne Data Marketplace with hundreds of integrations from SSPs, DSPs, Ad Servers, Social Media platforms, CRMs and much more. With these API integrations, Data Marketplace users are able to get data from any of the systems (Social, CRM, Affiliate Marketing, Ad Tech, etc.) they are using. It’s as easy as just signing up and opening up a tap for data flow.

With YuktaOne Data Marketplace…

  1. Never have to worry about API integrations upgrades and no technical skills are required for setting and scheduling report.
  2. Get alerts when new data providers join the marketplace.
  3. Request your new Data Providers and get them integrated in the marketplace.
  4. Move imported data to your location of choice (Email, AWS S3 Bucket, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) and access your historical data.
  5. Pay as you go… no long-term contracts and get volume discounts.

Sign up for a free trail today… Get started now!

You can click on “more info” for each data provider to get additional information about the data partner you are using. Check out all the Services, Dimensions and Metrics that are available via API.

Get data from one or more of your preferred data partners and schedule the reports as per your business needs.

Track the status of your data pipeline in real-time and get alerts for status updates.

You can edit your scheduled reports, change dimension and metrics & give a report destination such as Dropbox, AWS S3, Google Drive etc.

Partner Program –

Join our partner program today and get access to your prospective customers. As part of the partner program, YuktaMedia will ensure that your latest reporting API services are available in the marketplace. Special incentives available to preferred partners in the data partner program. Contact us now.

Data Providers List:

  1. Ajillion – http://ajillion.com/
  2. Beeswax – https://www.beeswax.com/
  3. AppNexus – https://www.appnexus.com/
  4. AdBlade – https://www.adblade.com/
  5. Teads – https://www.teads.com/
  6. Google Ad Manager – https://admanager.google.com/home/
  7. OpenX – https://www.openx.com/
  8. PubMatic – https://pubmatic.com/
  9. Flurry – https://www.flurry.com/
  10. Rubicon – https://rubiconproject.com/
  11. Criteo – https://www.criteo.com/
  12. Medianet – https://www.media.net/
  13. SpotXchange – https://www.spotx.tv/
  14. Taboola – https://go.taboola.com/in-drive-traffic/
  15. Sizmek – https://www.sizmek.com/
  16. Outbrain – https://www.outbrain.com/
  17. Undertone – https://www.undertone.com/
  18. Freewheel – http://freewheel.tv/
  19. EMX – https://emxdigital.com/
  20. RevContent – https://www.revcontent.com/

and many more…



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