Solving Publisher's Revenue Management Challenges

Solving Publisher’s Revenue Management Challenges

by Aditya Bhelande · January 14, 2018 · in Advertising Operations Monetization Strategy

Nowadays, Publishers are not limited to use only direct campaigns as a revenue generation stream. They use multiple revenue generation streams such as: Programmatic, Direct, Open Auction, E-mail campaigns, Social Media etc.

In order to generate revenue, Publishers use different systems to execute their monetization strategy. All of their revenue data is spread across different systems. In order to find out the revenue spread across partners, Publishers need to collect reports, track important KPI’s from various systems to get a clear picture.

Manual reporting is time-consuming, prone to errors and lacks deep insights. In the age of real-time data, preparing reports manually will result into losing the most valuable resource – Time. Analysts should spend their most of the time for analysis rather than preparing reports manually.

We recommend Publishers to use data management platform for:

– Unified real-time data
– To save time and make data driven business decisions

Also, delays caused in billing and reconciliation leads to loss of revenue opportunities.

Watch YuktaMedia’s Founder and CEO Aditya Bhelande discussing about Solving Publisher’s Revenue Management Challenges in this short video.

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