Native ads – The Next Big thing in Online Advertising

Native ads – The Next Big thing in Online Advertising

by Aditya Bhelande · June 15, 2017 · in Native Advertising

So, you have heard about Native advertising and you might be curious about it. We are all aware of traditional ways of advertising which includes advertising through newspapers, magazines, radio, television, email advertising, door to door advertising etc. Although these methods are effective in their own ways, there are some limitations such as:

  • Information sharing is limited.
  • It’s difficult to target the correct audience.
  • In time-sensitive / adhoc situations, traditional mediums don’t work.
  • Efforts required for creating ads for newspaper or magazine are large.

Online Advertising

Online adverting or digital advertising is a form of advertising which uses internet for advertising and targeting the customers. We can say it is one of the best way of advertising for all types of business; because advertiser can track every dollar he spends.

There are various types of online advertising – images ads, text ads, pop up ads, interstitial ads, video ads etc. The primary purpose of various types of ads is to attract the user attention and provide a good return on investment to the advertiser in the form of:

  • Brand awareness
  • Product / Service purchase

Native advertising

Unlike image/ banner ads or tags there is no fixed size for Native ads. Custom layout is designed which seamlessly blends into the publisher’s website content. In Native advertising advertiser will provide Native creative components such as headline, image, destination URL, logo etc. Your ad server will combine these components and create an ad for you. In the process of displaying the ad, the ad sever automatically decides screen size, device type, etc. The goal is to make sure that ad seamlessly fits together as part of the content and secondly the creative team doesn’t need to produce creative’s that will fit 100s of different screen sizes and device types.

Let’s take example of Google’s DFP ad server. It provides two types of Native ad formats – System defined and User defined ad format. But, before selecting these ad formats, you need to create native ad styles and apply those styles to the ad units on which your Native ad will display.

Advantages of Native advertising

1. One creative for many layouts

Yes! You heard it right. Just one creative or ad copy and apply it to any number of styles you’ve created. It’s simple, easy and effective. You must create a layout only once and you can use it anywhere you want.

2. Native ads attract user attention

Advertisers spend a lot of time to create attractive creatives which draws customer’s attention, that ultimately leads to increased reach, engagement and conversions. But, not every ad gets users attention and engagement as the Native ads does. One of the key factor behind native ads better performance is native ads looks like part of actual web page itself. This seamless blending with the content leads to increase in your performance metrics such as views, clicks and conversions without ruining user experience.

3. Native ads are flexible

Native advertising works well across all the devices because the format is mobile responsive so user can experience the good ad behavior while surfing on internet or on any device like desktop, mobile and tablets etc. Native ads act homogeneously with natural web content and do not spoil user experience while browsing. This is by far the biggest advantage of Native ads.

Disadvantages of Native advertising

Technical know how

Native ads give you a lot of flexibility to try out different variations with creatives. At this time you must have strong technical knowledge about design and coding to ensure that various aspects of the ads are working as expected.


Example of Native Ads

If you look at the two ads below, ad trafficker has provided information only once to the ad server and the ad server generated two different ads with two different sizes and styles. Isn’t it genius?

Native Advertising - Example 1

Example 1: Native Advertising

Native Advertising - Example 2

Example 2: Native Advertising

Want to setup Native ads?

If you are planning to setup Native ads or facing problems you can contact us! Our talented digital ad ops and marketing team will setup these ads for you. Just provide us your insertion order and let us take care about the campaign trafficking, delivery, optimization and reporting. We are committed to deliver the campaigns with better performance and create industry benchmarks.


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Pravin Girigosavi drives the Ad Operations practice at YuktaMedia. His in-depth knowledge of various ad servers such as DFP, Ajillion, DFA, DBM, Teads, Revive, ADTECH and others prove a big benefit for Publishers. He has also worked with various View-ability systems such as DFP, MOAT, comScore and others that helps Publishers and Advertisers to select the right one for their needs.

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