Data Aggregation Platform Implementation Checklist

Successful Data Aggregation Platform Implementation Strategy

by Aditya Bhelande · February 20, 2018 · in Advertising Operations Monetization Programmatic Strategy

We talk to lot of Publishers who have implemented data aggregation platform and most of them replied they are not getting much out of it. So, we were curious and we studied bunch of Publishers over a period of time to find out where things went wrong.

Most frequently asked questions by Publishers were –

  • How can I get most out of my data aggregation platform?
  • Will generic one size-fits-all platform help me monitor my business KPI’s or Do I need a customized platform?
  • Why Proof-of-Concept approach is beneficial for my business, etc?

YuktaMedia’s Founder and CEO Aditya Bhelande addresses frequently asked questions by Publishers regarding implementation of a data aggregation platform in this short video.

Also, you can watch previous short video explaining Checklist for need of Data Aggregation Platform

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