YuktaMedia Introduces Alexa skill “Treasure chest” for Ad and Revenue Ops

YuktaMedia Introduces Alexa skill “Treasure chest” for Ad and Revenue Ops

by Aditya Bhelande · April 9, 2019 · in Advertising Operations Amazon Alexa Skill

YuktaMedia, provider of YuktaOne Media ERP for Publishers, Brands and Agencies, announced general availability of integration of its YuktaOne Media ERP and Amazon Alexa. Named aptly, the Alexa skill is called ‘Treasure Chest’ because it helps YuktaOne users unlock valuable actionable insights which enable to take them data driven decisions.

On the Publisher side, Treasure Chest skill can be used by Ad operations, Revenue operations and executives (CRO, CFO, CEO). It helps in answer key business questions like:

1. Gross and Net Revenue by Site, Ad Size, Device Type and much more
2. Top performing sites
3. Top performing Demand Partners and Brands
4. Revenue, eCPM, impression ad fill rate trends
5. Top performing Ad Units, device types and much more

On the Demand Side, Brands and Agencies can use Treasure Chest skill to get the following answers:

1. List of top 5 campaigns which are over and under pacing
2. Campaigns with highest discrepancies
3. Campaigns with highest and lowest performance
4. Campaigns that are going to start and end soon
5. Campaigns which should have started but not started and which have suddenly stopped

YuktaOne users can get started with Alexa within minutes. Set up is as easy as downloading Alexa app from Amazon app store and registering on it.

Aditya Bhelande, Founder and CEO of YuktaMedia added, “The nature of Ad & Revenue ops jobs have changed drastically. In this day and age when teams are always mobile and latest information needs to be available anytime and anywhere, Alexa integration enables YuktaOne users to get access to this critical info without having to log into the web application and looking it up. It also allows YuktaOne to send reminders and notifications to the users so that they are on top of critical tasks.”

Alexa Treasure Chest skill also provides ability to submit questions that are not currently there. There by creating an ever-expanding library of questions to get answers to. There’s also an element of gamification that Treasure Chest brings by enabling users to ask questions around their professional interests like latest news, facts, jobs, etc.

To get started and get more information about Treasure Chest on Amazon Alexa Marketplace click here.

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